Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Update on Jehova's Witnesses

Last Friday the two Jehova's Witness women came back and this time Mike was home and was able to talk with them as well. We talked about a lot of different passages in the Bible, and a little bit about the differences in our faiths. They seemed to say they believed that Jesus was the Messiah and their savior, which I had read they do not believe. So we are not sure what all they believe because it was still very hard to communicate, even with an English speaker. (She spoke little, broken English.). At the end of our conversation, they said they wanted to be our friends and would like to invite us to their house sometime. They were also surprised at how much Mike knew about the Bible and said they could tell he has studied a lot. He told them that we were here because he wanted to teach the Bible to Japanese people and they seemed so excited about that. Although we did not set up another time to talk, I hope that we will see them again. They seemed to want to see us again. We are praying for them and for us to meet with them again and have more converations. I have to go for now but as soon as I have another opportunity I am going to write an update about our family. Bye!

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