Sunday, April 13, 2008


Since my last post, we have taken our first trip to Tokyo. We went just for fun and to see the city. We are still planning on moving there sometime next year. I had never been, so it was a crazy experience for me. We did a lot of walking around and riding trains. I wore my heels the first day, and by the end of the day my feet hurt so bad, I thought they were going to fall off! The city was definately humongous and there were lots of people there. We went all over the place and saw several different famous parts of the city. When we live there, normal life won't consist of that much walking and sight seeing, but it will be a different pace of life for all of us. While there, I did get a feel for the enormous amount of people that live there, and how riding trains and subways is going to be our normal way of transportation. I realized how much Japanese I still need to learn...that was a little overwhelming to realize that I have such a long undertaking in front of me. I really need to hit the books! I also was able to see how so many people are very into materialism and themselves. I could see that they have an empty look in their they are completely distracted by--life, I guess. Telling them about Jesus is another huge task before us. It really hit home on that trip how much we need to be praying and relying on God to work in their hearts and go before us to prepare these people to hear about Him. Its going to be a big undertaking, but I know that God loves them and wants them to love Him. All things are possible with God!
This is in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Another picture of Harajuku.

While we were waiting to get on the train back to Okazaki, this group of school girls kept trying to talk to Brayden, so we got a picture with them. They were on their way home from a dance competition.

By the time we got on the train, Brayden and monkey were totally wiped out from our long weekend to Tokyo!

Picture of Tokyo from the train as we were leaving.

Brayden is getting used to riding the trains...he likes to hold on!

He made a little friend at the park!

Mike and Brayden were throwing around the ball at this park near our house. Thats a "Sakura" (Cherry blossom) tree in the background. This is the season that they bloom. Its a big deal here-people go out and have picnics and parties under the trees. I love this park because its within walking distance from my house, and its beautiful.

We have gone to some of Mike's Rugby games. They are a lot of fun! Brayden was getting a little tired by the time this picture was taken. You can tell he doesn't want to be taking a picture at the moment.


Chelsea said...

So cute! It's great to see an update on your family and to hear about your first Toyko trip! Looking forward to more...

Anonymous said...

It was really fun to catch up on your blog, Erin! I just got back from a trip to DC and NYC with my 8th graders and there were a couple of things I found interesting in your pictures. One, there are cherry blossom trees all over DC and they were in bloom! We were told by our tour guide that they are from Japan. So interesting! Also, although Tokyo is much bigger (I hear) your pictures reminded me so much of Time Square in NYC! I can't wait to see your new home for myself. Only a couple of months away!!!

Jenn said...

hey Erin! yes... i was talking about Denton. He is a very gifted young man, and i just adore Audra... she is in my small group in YG. we were so blessed to have them on our trip! they are both such great kids... they come from a pretty great family too :)! take care... love, jenn