Thursday, October 15, 2009


We've been having a beautiful fall so far. The weather is usually sunny and around 70-75 degrees. We try to get outside a little everyday to take advantage of the nice weather before it turns colder. Usually when we go to the park, Cooper sits in his stroller and watches Brayden play, but lately he has been wiggling and fussing to get out and join in. The other day I let him get out and sit in the sand with us. I wanted to see how he would react to it. Here is a picture of him playing:

He loved it! He also tried to eat it...I tried to stop him. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes I wasn't. :) The reason why I was curious to see what he would do is because of this picture of Brayden at the same age:

Brayden hated the sand for a while! Brayden has always been a cautious boy...he always observes new places and situations before jumping right in. But Cooper has so far proven to be opposite. He is so curious about his surrioundings and is already more feisty! Sometimes I'll hear a high pitch scream come out of him that makes me think he's been terribly hurt or something. Then I'll turn around and see that he just dropped his toy and can't reach it. He's also been pulling himself up a lot lately:

And here are the brothers...aren't they so cute?!


David R. said...

Typical birth order kids. :) Gavin and Camden are similar to your kids.

The sand will eventually come out. ;)

Jenn said...

cooper is growing so fast!!!
it's so nice to be able to check in on you guys!
love, jenn wiltse