Saturday, May 31, 2008

Recent Pictures

These are some of my favorite pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Brayden got a KU shirt from my parents in the mail. He also got a KU sippy cup and I got a KU shirt as well. Since KU won the NCAA we like to represent them.

Brayden loved his lollipop. Isn't he looking at it adoringly?

We had Akemi over for dinner recently. It is common and traditional to bring a gift to someone's house when you visit them, but Akemi brought us much more than I had imagined! She knew our anniversary was coming up, so that is why she brought so much. This is a picture of what she brought-beautiful flowers, cake and "His and Hers" rice bowls.

This park we found has a little fountain and stream that we have gone to play in a couple of times already on very hot days. Lots of kids are usually there, running around in their diapers and getting soaked. We went with Akemi and Momiji and Brayden had a blast.

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Jenn said...

wow, brayden is getting so big!!! how much they change so quickly! it sounds like you are really starting to have a great time in japan... with new friends and new places becoming regular hang outs. very cool. my prayers are with you. i let you know if i can think of something special you can do for your friend. love, jenn