Friday, May 9, 2008

This Week

We had a few days off of school this week because of a Japanese holiday called "Golden Week." It was a nice break, but we ended up staying at home the whole time because Brayden was sick. He had a fever for a couple of days but is back to being healthy now. During the break I saw a third centipede in our house. This one was in the kitchen crawling up the wall. It was a small one, thankfully. The carpenter is coming on Monday morning to fix up our cracks and possibly spray. I can't wait for Monday!!
Yesterday my friend Akemi and her daughter Momiji came over to play for a couple of hours. We had a lot of fun. Akemi brought me so much stuff! She brought me a framed picture of some needelework and a little bag that her mother in law had sewed. She also brought me a huge bag of little boy clothes that were from her sister, (whom I've never met). And she gave me a lot of decaff coffee packages, since its so hard to find decaff coffee here, and she knew I wanted some. Isn't she so sweet? I felt bad because I didn't have anything for her. Later that day at dinner, our doorbell rang. It was Akemi. She had brought another huge bag of more clothes for Brayden. She also brought the pictures she had taken earlier that day of our kids playing together. I have been thinking about what I can do for her, or give to her to show her that I am really thankful for her generosity and to let her know that I enjoy hanging out with her. I want to have her for dinner soon, but I'm trying to think of other things I can do as well. She also said she would cut my hair for me sometime next week. So I am just enjoying her friendship and am praying a lot for her. Other than that, we're still just doing life here. We're going to school and doing every-day kind of things. I have been enjoying my tutoring. I have SO much to learn but at least I'm making a little progress each day!

Brayden wearing his pajamas, in my heels. He was trotting around and loved to hear them "click click clicking" on the wood floor.

This is a view of our town, Okazaki, from a lookout at the children's art museam. We went there with my language teacher, Megumi, and her family, and our teamates, the Parson's family.

This is one of Brayden's new outfits. I just think he looks really cute.

This is Brayden, Momiji and Akemi. I wish I had a better picture of Akemi looking at the camera. I will try to get one for next time.

Brayden and Momiji. Isn't she too cute?! Brayden is wearing a "Shinkansen" kimono for boys. It's one of the outfits Akemi passed down to me. It's very Japanese, and I think its so cute.

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Chelsea said...

Oh yeah! I'm a big time reader - always have been. Thanks so much for the comment, I'm gonna check out those books and let you know what I decide on. We should have our own little summer book club. We could meet in Skype and discuss what we're reading! :) Is it pretty expensive to mail things to Japan? Cause I could send you books after I finish them since it easier for me to get them. Just a thought! I love the pics on this post by the way. I'm so glad you and brayden are making friends. :) His little friend is so freakin' cute!! :) Email me if you want to talk more about books.