Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brayden's 2nd Birthday Party

Tonight we had a party for Brayden's 2nd birthday. We had the party a few days early (his birthday isn't until Aug. 1st) because him and I are going to America on Thursday, the 31st! (I am so excited by the way). We wanted to celebrate with our friends for his birthday before we left. We went to the park and ate banana cupcakes. The boys played ball and the kids and girls hung out and we all had a really fun time. It was a great night out too, no rain or sweltering heat. But the mosquitos were relentless! Even with our bug spray, we all got a ton of bites! A new friend of ours, (Keiko and her son Kengo) came, and later my friend Akemi showed up, but unfortunately she missed the party. Her daughter was sick, so she came late, but I was surprised that she came at all. I think she wanted to show us that she cared, and wished she could have been there. It was good to see her, if only for a minute.
So, tomorrow I leave for America! I just decided to go a couple of weeks ago. It seemed like this was a good chance for me to go, because my family won't be able to come visit before we go visit them next year. This visit will give us an opportunity to see each other before Brayden is almost 3 years old! It will be just Brayden and I going this time. I keep telling Brayden he will see PaPa soon, and while he doesn't understand, he says "Papa" and thinks about it.

Oh by the way, I'm pregnant! Due Feb. 8th!

This was so funny-previously, I had shown Brayden a little video on Youtube of a little girl blowing out her birthday candles. I even let him practice a few times at home, and each time he loved blowing out the candle. But at the party, when everyone started singing to him, his lip started quivering and he reached for my hand. He was scared! And he didn't want to blow out his candle at all. He just kept saying "No" again and again. I was so surprised! The wind ended up blowing out his candle.

This is is Keiko and her son, Kengo. They were so much fun.

We got Brayden a little toy guitar since he loves to play air guitar. He just loved it! He calls it his "Tar."


Lauren Valentino said...

I can't believe that little man is two already!! Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy!! Tell Mike I said Hi and give Brayden a hug for me. Let me know if you make it out to Arizona. XOXO

LINDSEY said...

I've never met you, but my husband and I were both friends with Mike in high school. We think very highly of him and have heard nothing but great things about you! Happy birthday to Brayden...what a fun time. And congratulations on your pregnancy!! I hope you feel great. Enjoy America!

Deb said...

Congrats girlie!! I am tickled pink for you...

Megan and Mark said...

Hi! It's Megan Moncayo! I just wanted to say hi and congratulations on your pregnancy! That's so exciting. Hope all is well in Japan! My parents say hello as well!