Thursday, August 28, 2008


This last month has flown by! I know it was partly because I went home to Kansas for a couple of weeks, which made the time really fly. Now, a little over a week after returning to Japan, August is coming to an end already! I can't believe it. My trip home was really really good. It was great to see the family again, and most of all for them to see and interact with Brayden. He had changed a lot, and I'm so glad they got to see more of his personality. He also got to know them more, and I know he remembers them when we talk about them now. Now that I'm back, I feel rejuvinated. I feel like the trip home was refreshing, and it has helped me to feel ready to hunker down and get back into life here once again.

Brayden did a lot swinging...he would sing, or he would say "Bid, high," (Big, high), which translates, "Push me really high!"

Helping Grandma water the flowers.

My grandmother, Mudgie, sat Brayden next to her one day as she cooked. He was very fascinated and even got to help a little.

Brayden loves his Papa.

We also did a lot of walking the dog. Brayden says "wat, dod." (Walk dog). He could have done this 5 times a day he loved it so much.

This is Brayden and Micah, on Brayden's actual birthday. The day after we arrived in Kansas was Aug. 1st, and my sister Emeri made these little pastries for him. When it came time to blow out the candles, Brayden got shy again. However, this time he did manage a little puff that blew out the candles.

Emeri, Brayden and Micah. (My sister and brother). Snuggling before bedtime.

We also swam in the pool a lot. Brayden liked to use the hose to "get" people. He also at times would turn it into a guitar.

Helping Papa water the flowers.

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Lisa said...

I never leave a comment, but I do check your blog! I love the video of Brayden playing air guitar. Too cute!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!