Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween we celebrated Rachel's son's birthday with a birthday/costume party. If Japanese people did trick or treating, we would have taken Brayden to do it for the first time, but since they don't, we all had a nice Halloween/birthday/fall party all mixed into one with our team. Most all of us got dressed up. It was a great party. We had chilli, hotdogs and an assortment of desserts! Here we are in our costumes:

Since I am pregnant and getting rounder, I thought it fitting to be a pumpkin. I found a cheap orange shirt and then sewed a pumpkin face on it. Mike has been growing out his beard for a while, so we decided he could be a lumberjack. (Yes, we decided that for him-it took much convincing to get him to put any kind of costume on). And Brayden went as a little Samurai. His outfit is not really what a Samurai would wear, but we made him look Japnaese-y, gave him a sword and called it "Samurai." He had a Japanese head band tied around his forehead earlier, which made the outfit better, but he wouldn't wear it for very long. :)

Here are all of us girls at the party-

Rachel, me, our tutor, Caitlin, Rachel's neighbor, and Kacie.

Here are the guys-

They all dressed up to some degree, except at this point Jay had taken off his "robot arm."

Here is my tutor and her kids-

This was Rachel's friend's daughter, Erena. She was so cute!

Here are the boys eating their pumpkin cupcakes-

Here are all the kiddos-

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LINDSEY said...

Looks great bro! Where was that beard in high school?! I could've used some company man!