Wednesday, December 3, 2008

November is already gone?!

I can't believe November is gone just like that. I think time has been flying by lately. It has been a month since I have posted anything, but November has been somewhat eventful. So I'm going to try and do a quick November catch-all without making this a huge long post! Ah, maybe someday I will get better at posting more regularly...we'll see about that. :) First, here are a few pictures of when we we went to the Okazaki Zoo one Saturday. The zoo is very small, and it only takes about 30 minutes to see all the animals, but because its small (and free!) it makes for a perfect and fun little outing. Especially for Brayden. He loves it.

And here are the Mickey Mouse pancakes he helped me make one morning. (He stirred the dry pancake mix and thought its was great).

Lately, he has loved helping me in the kitchen. Here we're making cookies.

Last week we went "Momiji Viewing." This is a custom many Japanese people do, in which they go to a pretty park and take in the beautiful fall leaves that have changed. ("Momiji" means "Maple leaf.") We drove to a special park that we heard was especially great for seeing these trees. It was so beautiful! We went at night, but they had all the trees lit up so they looked so pretty. It was like walking through a magical forest! It was a cool, crisp evening, so after we had walked around a bit we ate hot noodles at a little restaurant where we had a great view of the trees. It was so fun. Because it was dark, it was extremely hard to take pictures, so the few that I have do not do it justice. Next year, we'll try to go when there's still daylight to get some better pictures.

Now, I know that this November catch-all post would not be complete without writing about our Thanksgiving, but I realized its 12:40am, and I should really get to sleep. So, I will finish up November tomorrow with the delicious Thanksgiving dinner we had with our team and Japanese friends. I hope everyone/anyone out there who still reads this is enjoying the Christmas season!

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Chelsea said...

Whoa! I love Mike's beard - I didn't recognize him for a minute! :) And I love your little tummy...there's no way you're 8 months pregnant! Jeez 67 days to go and you're the mother of TWO! Jeff has recently started a new job so I'm hoping it won't be long before we're trying for rugrat #2. I'll keep you posted...