Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had a quite a feast on Thanksgiving! We invited some Japanese friends that we wanted to express thanks to for helping us and being our friends over this past year (almost!) that we've been here. This made for 20 adults and 8 kids at our dinner. We ordered a Turkey, Ham, and a few other items we needed to make all the food from a company called Foreign Buyers Club of Japan. Then us girls divided up the menu items and cooked our little buns off the day before and of in order to make it happen. The dinner went so smoothly, and I think our Japanese friends really enjoyed it. Andy, our teammate, gave a speech he had pre-written in Japanese to explain to them what Thanksgiving was and that we had invited them because we were thankful for them.

Here's our big Turkey!

Some of the food.

The people.

Here is Andy giving his speech.

We had so much desert! 2 apple pies, a pecan pie, chocolate cream pie, 2 pumpkin pies and fudge. None of our friends had tried any of these pies before, so they were taking pictures of all the food.

After we had eaten, one of the guys got out his guitar and started singing songs by the Beatles and Elton John. He didn't know all of the words, and neither did we, but it was still fun and entertaining. The kids enjoyed it too.

We are all so glad the day went so well and that somehow we got all the food cooked, served and eaten without any major catastrophes. (Cooking all that food in little ovens and then transporting it all an hour away to Rachel's took quite a lot of planning!) But it went so well and we truly are thankful for our new friends, each other, God's grace and so much more! Hope yours was great too.

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